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Warm and Caring Like Family,
Dodam Dodam Care

We provide warm care with a mother's touch. Our attentive and dedicated care ensures comfort for both the mother and baby.

Dodam Dodam Care

Dodam Dodam Care for Mothers and Newborns. Dodam Dodam Care is dedicated to the health and happiness of both mothers and newborns. With extensive experience and expertise in prenatal and postnatal care, we provide the most touching services to mothers. Experience unparalleled postnatal care with our skilled professionals and comprehensive training programs. Dodam Dodam Care will ensure the happiness of both mothers and babies.

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Tasks of a Dodam Dodam Care Postpartum Caregiver

Postpartum care services

The minimum service duration is 2 weeks.

Service fees


$1,600/ week
  • Service fee: $1,300
  • Deposit: $300
  • Total: $1,600


$1,400/ week
  • Service fee: $1,100
  • Deposit: $300
  • Total: $1,400

※ The basic service covers three people: the mother, the mother's husband, and the newborn. Additional family members will incur extra charges.
※ The service operates on a 5-day work week.

Additional fees are paid directly to the postpartum caregiver.

Additional Fees

Please be sure to check the corresponding contract for additional services.
For long-distance services, airfare and transportation expenses are the responsibility of the mother.
Commute services are available only for nearby locations, while live-in services include a 3-hour rest period.
Commute services include a 1-hour break.
Working hours and service details are subject to change, and if you wish to extend the service period, please contact Dodam Dodam Care before 50% of the period has elapsed.

Age Live-in Commute
Preschooler (Daycare) $20/Daily $100/Weekly
Additional Family Member $10/Daily $50/Weekly

Valuable Reviews from Mothers

Soyeon Kim

Thanks to the postpartum caregiver, I was able to recover comfortably. The kind support and delicious food really healed both my body and mind. I highly recommend it!

Jimin Park

At first, I was worried about whether I could receive this kind of service in the United States, but the postpartum care service I received here exceeded my expectations. I was deeply moved by the professionalism and thoughtful care. Thank you so much!

Jenny Lee

I appreciated being able to systematically care for my body through the postpartum care service. I especially liked the healthy meals and various massage services. I'll definitely use it again next time.

Soohyun Park

The auntie came and not only helped with household chores, laundry, and cleaning while I rested, but also assisted with bathing the baby. I especially appreciated her detailed instructions on caring for the baby, which were a great help as a new mom. Thank you for providing everything needed for postpartum recovery.

Areum Cho

At first, I was hesitant about receiving postpartum care services in the United States, but thanks to Dodam Dodam Care, all those concerns disappeared. The caregiver came and systematically helped with everything, providing me with much-needed time to rest. I'm truly grateful. She managed my baby's feeding and sleep patterns, which was a huge help. Thanks to her, I could recover safely.